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Restaurant Information System

In the modern, competitive, multi-unit restaurant industry, you need technology solutions that give you an edge. The tools that help you provide excellent customer service also need to help you more effectively manage costs, production and employees, all with the reliability you demand from a mission critical system.

When the management in control and a specific process and standard has been set by the management for the sub level to follow; the process and control in the operational level becomes easy as to from the time of procurement to the delivery to the restaurant, preparation and service.

Restaurant Management System – Powerful back-of-house capabilities combine with front-of-house POS tools to exceed the needs of the most demanding table service or quick service restaurant. You’ll have everything you need to more effectively manage your staff and better serve your customers.

Our Application available to :
  • Hotel Owner,
  • Waiter.
  • Captain

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Our Products

Water Supply System

We can add challans in application or from mobile. Generate bill of selected date. Settle bill by Cash/ Card / Credit. We can add all maintenance and petrol expenses of vehicle. We can generate monthly driver attendance.

Application Features :
  • Challan Entry,
  • Driver Master
  • Tanker Master
  • & Many More...

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